How to build a home with interiors

How to build a home with interiors

How to build a home with interiors

Our Dream House :- Building a house from scratch is an exciting and challenging task that requires a lot of effort, planning, and patience. In this blog, we will share our experience of building our own house from scratch, from selecting the location to moving in.


Step-1 :-The first step in building our dream home was selecting a suitable location. We looked for a location that was accessible, had good connectivity, and was close to all the necessary amenities. Once we found the perfect location, we booked it with a booking amount and started working on the 3D designs with our architect.


Step-2:-We gave our inputs to the architect, and they did a fantastic job of creating a design that met our requirements and preferences. Once we approved the design, we started civil work and changing the layout as per our requirements. This process involved a lot of demolition and construction work, but it was all worth it in the end.

Step-3:-Next, we started selecting materials for our house.We carefully picked out the textures that we need, colours and other materials that matched our preferences and needs. This process took a lot of time and effort, but it helped us achieve the look and feel that we wanted for our home.


Step-4:-We also got our wood work designed  according to our aesthetic. This involved careful planning and discussion with the architect, but the end result was an asthetically pleasing space that was functional aswell.

After the shell was ready the next stage was, completing the installation of kitchen appliances to entertainment systems, electronic devices as all these are an integral part of modern living.This brought us a step closer towards completion of our dream home.


Since we had given our house to the architects as a move-in project, we got a fully loaded ready made home. Now all that was left was for us to move-in.

In conclusion, building our own house from scratch was an incredible experience that required a lot of effort, planning, and patience. However, the end result was a beautiful and functional home that perfectly met our needs and preferences. We are proud of our home and the effort that went into building it.

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